EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell says people could live more freely if we had more effective testing.

She has also called for ‘greater localising of restrictions going forward..’

Caroline said: “It’s been a turnaround week but by keeping to the new rules announced by the Prime Minister this week we should be able to reduce the latest rise in Coronavirus infections which are such a big worry to us all as we approach these crucial and dangerous winter months.

“Nationally, there is no doubt the possibility of 50,000 new daily infections would put an enormous strain on the NHS and, if coupled with flu, it could be very serious indeed.

“The restrictions are also the vital counterbalance to keeping children and young people in schools, colleges and universities.

“No-one wants to have their freedoms taken away and I do understand the frustration from many but additional support will come and, I will make the strongest case for greater localising of restrictions going forward.

“Eastbourne and East Sussex are low incidence.

“We want to keep it that way of course but with effective testing, we could live more freely and respond quickly if ever needed.

“Whilst new restrictions might be now be in place, it doesn’t reflect our new position, there are some real positives too; we can treat the virus much better now and there are promising trials taking place that may lead to a vaccine by the early part of next year.

“Testing capacity is also now improving and the test and trace app has launched so the new message is, ‘Protect your loved ones, download the App.’

“We have weapons in our armoury – the best one being the desire of people in Eastbourne and across the country to do the right thing.”