By Carol Mills

Solidarity with NSH workers. What is Mick Lynch’s message to NHS workers? 🚩 Do you remember the Eastbourne bin strike earlier this year? Eastbourne Borough Council were making anti-union announcements and calling their 2.5% pay offer ‘generous’. They claimed the GMB should accept the offer because that was what nurses had accepted.

At that time a lot people people fell for this “divide and rule” rhetoric. Some Eastbourne on-liners took to the local platforms to join in the rallying cries; “greedy”, “selfish”, “holding us to ransom”. and more . They cried out “what about me?” “I’m not getting a pay rise so why should they” and other such mean minded stuff.

Eastbourne Solidarity, alongside many other groups in our town, stood firm with the strikers. We pointed out that ALL workers deserved a pay rise. We pointed out there had been a decade of real wage decreases. We pointed out 2.5% was below inflation and was an insult to nurses and any other workers offered such a paltry sum. A sum that in truth amounts to a PAY CUT.

After 6 days of strikes, the bin workers got 19.5% pay rise over 18 months. Now this was more like it.

So getting back to SOLIDARITY. Here is Mick Lynch, General Secretary of RMT, doing a call out to NHS staff, yesterday from the picket line, asking them to join the other striking groups and fight for a decent pay rise.

Hand claps do not keep you warm or feed your children. Being told you are angels doesn’t either. It is time that the wealth in the 6th richest country in the world was more fairly distributed. We are one of the most unequal of European countries. Shamefully so.

The cost of living crisis is set to worsen and do serious harm from October onwards with energy increases on the way. A more accurate description is “cost of exploitation crisis”. It needn’t be like this. There could be enough for us all. But nothing is given without it fight.

Don’t be afraid to stand in solidarity with each other and demand a decent standard of living. Join a union and when your time comes, if you are offered peanuts, then take action. Eastbourne Solidarity and many groups and individuals in our Town will stand with you until you are offered what you deserve.

Solidarity is powerful. Unity is strength ✊️

The working class is back and they refuse to be poor any more!