Nadira Seeram was born in Guyana, South America of Indian heritage and raised in Eastbourne.

After training in western psychotherapy and eastern spiritual therapy with a living avatar, she has brought together her intimate experiences of both mind-body and soul-consciousness systems for the relief of stress and conflict.

Her newly published book entitled ‘It Is Beyond Me – A Healing Journey from Displacement to Awakened Belonging’ charts the path of her family crossing continents from indentureship (revisioned slavery) to a legacy of trauma and internal displacement from self. But it also traces the journey of recovery and healing from all forms of identity entrapment and enslavement, and a healing for the soul that is looking for freedom beyond all forms of division and duality.

There are first-hand accounts of rare supernatural phenomena described with meaning and purpose that all can learn to access and utilise for peace. Above all, it acclaims the bringing to life of the divine feminine force with the ultimate power to dismantle fear and reconnect humanity.

At a time of so many divisions in society through the propagation of fear and fuelling of the fight or flight mechanism, this book reminds us of the true supernatural power of a connected and protected humanity, beyond all egos which seek to build or destroy artificial walls whether physical, mental, or emotional.

Founder of Healing 4 Humanity, Nadira has worked for fifteen years as a spiritual therapist, teacher, and trainer of Peace Circles meditation facilitators to reclaim the forgotten heart and indivisible connection to creation and bring it to life.

As well as working with individuals, Nadira holds healing and creativity courses and retreats for any size of group: couples, family, and special interest.

Peace Ambassador Training to become the peace you want to see in the world will take place over five days in Eastbourne in June. For more information visit Healing 4 Humanity:

Contact Nadira on 07738 284866

‘It is Beyond Me’ is available from most online retailers as well as being available to purchase locally.