EASTBOURNE Police say there have been a number of residential burglaries locally this week.

One was a distraction burglary.

Distraction burglaries are those whereby either an individual, or group use distraction techniques to gain entry to your home – an individual may approach your property and report themselves to be from the gas board, a local roofer, a gardener; and that your property needs work.

They might say they can start immediately could they come in to discuss.

Once inside they then may say they need a small fee to start today,.

If the victim goes to get funds, the individual has the opportunity to search the property.

Unfortunately these types of burglary often affect our elderly, or vulnerable members of the community – do you have elderly parents, neighbours or friends?

Police say please check in with them and share the below tips so they can spot the signs of distraction burglary before it is too late.

Key things to remember and share with our vulnerable communities:

• Never send or give money to anyone you don’t know or trust.

• Check people are who they say they are before letting them in, remember it is your home, you do not need to let them in.

• Don’t share your personal information with them, there is no harm in asking them for more information, or more importantly official identification – this you can always check whilst they wait outside, if they are genuine they are more likely to wait until you have checked them out.

• Make decisions in your own time, don’t be rushed, if you were not expecting someone at the door, or you know your roof doesn’t need repairing, thank them for their time, close the door and speak to a relative or friend – if they are persistent or becoming threatening call us immediately 999.

• If you have been victim to anything similar to the above, please report it to police.

More information and videos which show how elderly/vulnerable persons can so easily fall victim to a range of frauds and scams, watch and share them here: http://orlo.uk/4bNk2