Scams are becoming more and more frequent at the moment, with more subtle tricks being used by frausters to try and get their hands on your money.

One of the most recent type of scams is a text message being received by people claiming to be the “Post Office” and that there is a parcel waiting to be collected but a fee is payable.

There is then a link to a website which looks very genuine.

Eastbourne Police says: “We have seen an alarming rise in this type of fraud leading to further fraud attempts a few days later.

We’ve included a screen shot here of one of the text messages that came through to a Sussex Police officers work mobile! We’ve blanked out the web address. If you get this text message, do not click on the link, and do not reply. Simply block the number. If you think you are due a parcel from the Post Office then go to their website directly, rather than clicking on any link.

By taking some simple steps you can protect yourself from this fraud, and hopefully future frauds. If you are ever in doubt about being contacted by anyone wanting bank or personal details, refuse and contact your bank directly yourself.

There is plenty of information around frauds on our website here