By Lucette Davies  

On 26 August, Eastbourne Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) invites members of the public to join a Swim with Gaza event on Eastbourne beach. 

Similar events will be happening all around the world on this day, with people swimming in seas, lakes and rivers to show solidarity with the people of Gaza.  It coincides with a Swimming Festival that happens in Northern Gaza each year.   For the Palestinians in Gaza, have no mountains, valleys or parks to enjoy – the sea is their only free space for pleasure.  

The PSC stand for peace, equality and justice for the people of Palestine. They oppose the military occupation of Gaza, and denial of the human rights of Palestinians.  

Eastbourne PSC will be on the beach by the old lifeboat station from 2.45pm.  Everyone is welcome whether you want to swim, paddle or just join with others in solidarity against the relentless human rights abuses Israel inflicts on the Gazan people.  

The event is also aiming to raise money to give disadvantaged youngsters in Gaza swimming lessons. For more information, please visit the website