BE careful if you are walking anywhere around or through the Old Ratton Estate in Eastbourne, especially with dogs!

The recycling team has been throwing back a lot of smashed glass for some reason all over the roads.

Here’s the post from Julia Coxhead Batchelor: “Having spoken with the council, they seem to blame the seams wearing on their lorries or suchlike…no excuse.

A complaint has been raised (for what good it will do) and myself and a fellow resident spent a good hour or more this morning clearing up the worst that we could see.

There were parked cars however obscuring many piles so please take great care.

If you see any broken glass and can’t clear it up yourself, please take a photo and

Apparently she is head of Eastbourne recycling dept and should respond unlike being constantly ignored by the infamous Customer First address!

As many complaints may help sort this repeated problem that makes the estate a very hazardous place to walk about.”