Opinion By Lucette Davies

At a recent event in the Gather many people chose to take the opportunity to talk with us about what is happening to our NHS. It was clear that our population is desperately unhappy with how their healthcare services have changed particularly in the last 12 years.

We asked people to mark on a chart which areas of the NHS they feel most concerned about and we have a form on our website for people to do the same. So far it would seem waiting lists, social care services, mental health services and privatisation are of the greatest concern to our population. Staffing issues and access to GPs follow closely behind.

We also gave people the opportunity to fill in a card with a message or question for Caroline Ansell. Again, we also have an online form on our website for people to do the same.

Reading through these comments and questions is shocking. They speak of desperate people who have suffered unnecessarily because of our government’s neglect of healthcare. They speak of anger and distrust not only of Caroline Ansell but of the Tory party as a whole. Reading through these cards it is hard to believe that we live in the sixth richest nation and one that is supposedly democratic.

We know Caroline Ansell has claimed: “The NHS is in my DNA”. Obviously that is a statement designed to convince us that she believes in our NHS and cares about local services. As a campaign we have written to her many times but failed

to ever get any firm pledge on action she may take to support our NHS.

I asked her repeatedly how she believed that latest top down reorganization of the NHS will address the major issues in healthcare today. I wanted to know why she chose to vote for this Act. She is still yet to provide me with an answer.

But irrespective of any impassioned statements in support of our NHS from our MP, our population recognizes that the service is being failed. It is being failed by the political party Caroline Ansell belongs to and supports.

Pledging support for our NHS is a vote winner and all our political parties do it for that reason. We need to start reading between the lines of all they say and do as British politics is now corrupt and failing us all.

But more importantly as people we need to start making our voices heard. Most of the rights we enjoy as people have been won by the people getting out there and demanding them. Our human right to healthcare is no different.

Lives are being torn apart by poverty, racism, poor healthcare, poor housing and corruption at the top. There are very few politicians in Westminster who are showing any sign of caring about this fact.

But people do, because we are the ones whose lives are being torn apart. Our campaign offers solidarity to all the workers who are taking industrial action to fight against poverty wages.

We will make sure Caroline Ansell hears the messages you have sent us. As a campaign the passion for our NHS that people expressed gave us a much needed boost to our resolve. Please keep filling in those forms.

Eastbourne residents make it clear they care about our NHS (esussexsavethenhs.org.uk)