FLAMES Restaurant in Eastbourne Town Centre has sent a Thank You to police for helping to return a stolen plant.

Police received a report from Flames Bar & Grill reporting that a member of public had walked past and took a fancy to their plant out the front of the restaurant.

Local officers have viewed CCTV footage of the theft, an eagle eyed PC Franklin-Lester recognised the person in the footage and decided to pay a visit.

“The suspect was no longer in possession of said plant, but quickly told us where it was.

“The plant was recovered and returned to the rightful owner.

“If you fall victim to a crime, however small or large, we encourage you to report it to us to help us identify crime trends and identify who is responsible. This can be done through 999 in an emergency or email/101 in a non-emergency.”

Flames said: “The police saw the video and went completely out their way to retrieve our Plant! Without us even reporting it! We massively appreciate the kindness of people and the great work from Sussex Police!!”