PERCH Princes Park has unveiled exciting new plans when Lockdown eases.

The owners are meeting Eastbourne Borough Council today.

Here’s their latest post: “In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had a chance to look forward to the rest of the year. The days are getting just that little bit longer, the nights that little bit shorter.

We are getting the chance to turn our attention to summer and what we all hope to be a life without covid interventions.

So what’s that going to look like? We aren’t 100% sure, and our crystal ball hasn’t worked in ages.

We think outdoor dining will be big this year; we have a meeting with the council tomorrow about developing the space outside the cafe and extending the evening’s opening hours.

We have a load of new outdoor seating and plants coming to the external of the cafe. We’ve got lots to go through and tell you about, from waffles to cocktails and an outdoor pizza kitchen.

We hope to agree with the council about extending the hours, and we can create some more jobs! Which we will be advertising on here and through Indeed.

We can’t wait; we are pushing for pizza outside in April, and we’ll wait and watch further government announcements.

Thanks for your support in the park; it’s been absolutely ace – we can’t wait to have you guys back inside.”