THE government has said that wearing masks at schools is not ‘strictly necessary.’

But one Eastbourne secondary school is playing safe and says pupils will wear masks.

Eastbourne Academy Principal Victoria Stevens has written to all parents and carers as well as the students.

She says: “As you will be aware, The Eastbourne Academy has made complex arrangements to ensure that students and staff are as safe as possible upon their return to school.

“As an additional aspect to our plans we fully support and strongly encourage the wearing of face masks in communal areas in and around school buildings if and when students move outside of their learning bubble or zone.

“Whilst the government does not consider this to be strictly necessary except in areas of local Covid related restrictions, it is our view that it is a sensible precaution to take.

“Our policy will be to educate students as to why it is important to wear face masks as opposed to strictly enforcing compliance.”

She goes on: “This will be alongside other key hygiene measures such as the frequent washing of hands.

“We consider that building confidence and understanding is the correct approach in the first instance.

“Students will be regularly reminded to put on their face masks when outside of classrooms and we will routinely monitor compliance and if necessary adapt our approach accordingly.

“We would prefer students and staff to refrain from the use of disposable face masks and instead carry with them each day a clean reusable mask which should be taken home at the end of the day.

“Our preference is that reusable face masks are plain in design and do not contain any motifs or emblems which would be unsuited to a school setting.

“If your child is in receipt of Free School Meals we have purchased reusable face masks that can be issued if you would like one.

“These will be available from your child’s Deputy Head of Year on their return to school.

“There may be some of our SEND students who will require additional help dealing with the practical issues of wearing face masks in school or students who are exempt from wearing face coverings due to medical conditions.”