A TEENAGER from Eastbourne has written a new children’s book about bullying based on her own experiences.

Cristina Ruggiero, 15, has created the characters in Dotty The Doughnut.

Cristina, a Year 11 pupil at Cavendish School, has self-published the book, which is suitable for nursery and primary children.

Mum Annarita Ressa said: “This book is based on Cristina’s direct experience on the topic and something very close to the hearts of many children.

“We hope the book will inspire them to take a stand against bullying, gain confidence in reporting these events and ask for support – something many children struggle with.

“Cristina has gained confidence to write and self-publish four cookery books.

“These include using her own original recipes, drawing upon her heritage from Southern Italy.”

The dishes are vegetarian and pescatarian and Ms Ressa said her daughter has been supported by Dymock Farm in Seaford with fresh produce to serve up the tasty recipes.

Ms Ressa said: “With her booksm Cristina would like to inspire children and adults alike to rediscover the pleasure to cook from scratch by using simple and local ingredients from tradition.”

Cristina studies food technology in her GCSEs at Cavendish and previously won the Masterchef competition for her age group.

Her books are available on Amazon – search for Cristina Ruggiero.

She also runs a social media page on Instagram called Cristina Cooks.