A NHS campaigner says Eastbourne Tories and Eastbourne LibDems are ‘telling lies about the NHS’ locally.

Lucette Davies from Hampden Park is standing in the May 6th elections as an Independent.

She fought bitterly to save the NHS Walk In Centre at Eastbourne Railway Station.

Now she says: “Looking at election leaflets from our local area makes me feel very uncomfortable about the fact I am involved at all with this election.

“Lib Dems and Tories are both filling their leaflets with lies about issues they know the public care about and the NHS is one.

“This nasty murky world of politics is full of self interested people who have little regard for public interest.

“All I can say is if they knock on your door and say they care about and workers or the DGH ask them to tell you what they have actually done.

“If they say they have ‘fought for our walk-in centre’ ask what they did to fight.

“If anyone tells you they helped our campaign you can always check it out with us.

“Because really we had very little support apart from the Labour Party who collected some signatures for our petition on a street stall and attended a protest.”