HELEN Moss is Business development manager at Copylink digital limited, based in Cavendish Place, Eastbourne.

She has written an open letter to Eastbourne Council to help support fellow local businesses:

I am writing to request your support for the Keep It Local campaign launched by a group of over 300 independent local office products dealers, a number of which have had to shut down retail premises and furlough staff in recent weeks whilst still ensuring necessary supply to the local economy.

These businesses have adjusted their offering, working with just skeleton staff, and sourcing and supplying huge amounts of PPE equipment for NHS accounts, general practitioners, care homes and pharmacies. More recently these businesses have also begun offering local businesses support with social distancing products and advice to help the country to get back to business.

This has doubly underlined the importance of local businesses, the way they are able to adapt, (all these products were alien to them just a few months ago), and how the desire to support these local businesses remains strong at the heart of communities throughout the country.

I know government have expressed an ambitious desire for one third of its’ spend on goods and services to be with SMEs, including VCSEs, either directly or through the supply chain by 2022. That needs to be more than a plan, it needs to be a commitment.

It is critical that the office products dealers behind this Keep It Local campaign, and other SME’s, get a fair slice of that cake…as well as the many other large cakes that are out there which the smaller, honest business does not always seem to get a fair crack at winning against larger multi-national players who have very little regard for our economy.

As a perfect supply partner to you, our government, we are looking for your support in assisting our campaign to give smaller businesses a fairer opportunity. This can be in the form of:

  • Words of support that can be shared and sent to the website: www.keep-it-local.co.uk.
  • Sharing information about the campaign and how to find a local supplier in your own newsletters, websites, local articles and publicity.
  • Reminding your colleagues of your own Open for Business campaign and the importance of committing to that.
  • Assisting us with joining the portfolio of suppliers for the public sector with any advice or introductions you can offer.

With the appetite of the nation epitomised by the Keep It Local campaign, now is the time to demonstrate that support and make some noise for our local businesses.

We look forward to helping support our local fellow businesses in Eastbourne.