AN Eastbourne travel expert says don’t book your holiday too much in advance during the current chaos.

Martin Wellings owns Personal Service Travel, which has just moved office in Grove Road, Eastbourne.

He writes a monthly column for our Bournefree magazine, which is out tomorrow.

He has some wise words for the public:

“This year has been one of the most frustrating that any of us can remember, and most of us will have been lucky just to call it frustrating if we or family members have not been directly affected by the Coronavirus itself.

“2020 will have seen many plans having to be postponed or cancelled, not least will be the foreign holiday.

“I for one have really felt deprived of not even being able to visit even my favourite country of France where I am having definite withdrawal symptoms – oh for a fillet de boeuf accompanied by a verre of very good St. Emilion!

“My advice to anyone planning a holiday in the near future is to ignore what colleagues in the travel industry will say about booking early and do the reverse and book nearer to the departure date.

“It may mean missing out on some special offers, but this is surely preferable to not actually knowing if the particular holiday is going operate, if the flights will actual go at the times originally set out, or indeed is there any likelihood of a quarantine period on the return.

“On top of all this, it would be good for the airlines to have a few months under their belt to check that the considerably reduced spacing on their aircraft does not cause any problems,

“I suggest you may wish to research holiday plans this year, but leave the actual booking for 2021 until next year, this would give the autumn season for things to be a bit clearer going forward and seeing if the likely spike in Covid 19 predicted does actual occur.

“Prediction as to how things are going to work out are not easy with all the variables, as so much depends on the confidence of the public as travelling feeling uneasy is hardly ideal and of course, whether or not we do actually get the Covid 19 spike.

“Hopefully the spike will not happen and also hopefully, with the amount of pressure put on the government by the tourist industry and airlines, we might be able to get the quarantine period reduced and for areas such as the Canary Islands and Spain be treated as separate destinations rather than lumping them all down as Spain just because they are Spanish and not necessarily any similarity to virus casualties in the mainland.

“I don’t like to finish on a negative note, so will just say that all one can do is hope for things to gradually return to normal and that a vaccination is not too far off but I feel confident in saying that the one certainty will be that we shall all be looking forward to that eventual foreign holiday even more than usual!”