AN Eastbourne woman is urging everyone to be alert after she was approached by a man driving slowly offering to give her a lift home.

Ellie Conlin has a simple message: “Please be careful in the Langney area.”

She described what happened.

“I was just approached by a middle aged man in a SILVER PASSAT REG – W571 XGH, he was driving slowly around the block and proceeded to pull up beside me asking me where I live and if he can drop me home.

“Driver was tan, middle aged, had dark sunglasses was wearing a polo top and although he stayed seated he looked like he would’ve been on the taller side if I had to guess.

“He was also bald with dark stubble. Has been reported. I had never seen this man before and I was walking home from work.

“This happened about 5:10 by the flats on the corner of Faversham Road.

“I only lived over the road and was able to get home. Younger girls may not be able to be able to.”