Eastbourne’s popular Cat Cafe is facing an uncertain future because of Covid.

The Mad Catter – Vintage Cat Cafe has had to close once more now we are in Tier 4.

And it is asking for public donations to help it survive.

It is situated at 7 Station Parade in the town centre.

It has posted today: “As many of your know we have now been put into tier 4 and as a result have had to close for a third time.

We only opened in October 2019 and have experienced the worst year along with many other businesses.

The lockdowns have had a detrimental effect on finances and although the council/government has given us a grant unfortunately it doesn’t last long as we have many daily outgoings.

Unlike many businesses we can’t just shut the door and pause our business, we need to be in every day to spend time with the cats, feed them, keep them warm and happy and above all love them.

The lights have to stay on, the heating turned up in this cold weather, food and litter to be purchased, treats given and spend our time with them without much money coming in.

This has now put us in an awful position and we are unsure how long we can last on the bear minimum.

Therefore, we are asking for any donations to keep us going and increase our chances of opening when we are allowed to and coping with another year of business during turbulent times.

Anything you can give would be extremely appreciated and go solely to ensuring the cats have everything they need.

Just click or copy the link below which should take you to the company PayPal.

Thank you so much for helping us continue to provide therapy, fun, stress relief, time with loved ones, meeting new like minded people and making friends – just a few of the benefits these gorgeous cats bring to us and you.