As lockdown restrictions start to ease across the country, Chaseley were pleased to be able to re-open their doors to their local Community Outpatients last month and are hoping to re-open their Activate Gym this month.

Chaseley’s team of In-house therapists, have a wide range of neuro-specialist skills and knowledge that enables them to provide specialist rehabilitation and care to people with a range of complex neurological conditions including, Acquired Brain Injury, spinal injury, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone and Parkinson’s Disease.

The team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Therapy Assistants can assess and identity individual’s needs, as well as explore how their neurological conditions impact on day-to-day life. The team work with the client to create a treatment plan, whether that be rehabilitation, prevention of deterioration, improving quality of life or advice on managing their condition and each plan is focused around the individual’s needs and goals using a person-centred approach.

Activate is the only gym in the area specifically designed for wheelchair users. The therapy gym has a wide range of adapted exercise equipment, including a multi gym, Thera trainer cycles, rowing machine, treadmill, parallel bars, and easy stand gliders, as well as having a range of small gym equipment available to meet specific needs.

Specially trained staff are always on site and able to assist when needed. Sessions of up to one hour are available for people with disabilities living in the local area and can be arranged to suit their individual needs. The sessions fees vary from £15 – £35 per session, according to individual requirements and the level of instructor input.

David, Activate’s Gym Instructor has been with Chaseley for nearly 25 years, and he tells us that “At Activate we are providing the local community with access to a safe public gym for people with disabilities, enabling them to use a wide range of adapted equipment specially designed to meet their needs.

Each member receives an induction from me which includes setting up a programme of exercise tailored to their own specific exercise requirements and I can assist with setting up on the equipment if require, or they are also welcome to bring an assistant or family member to help them if they prefer.

I enjoy working with such a diverse clientele group and feel privileged to meet so many interesting people who have allowed me to help them achieve their goals of improving their quality of life.”

If you would like to know more about the outpatient services we have on offer at Chaseley or you want to know more about using our Activate Gym, please call the team on 01323 744200.

The Chaseley Trust turns 75 this year and as part of their anniversary plans, they have recently launched a £375,000 fundraising appeal to modernise, update and refresh Chaseley. If you would

like to donate to Chaseley’s 75th fundraising appeal, please visit their website of click the link:

If you feel that you could support Chaseley by making them your Charity of the Year or potentially host an event on their behalf, please contact Jodie on 01323 744200 or

The Chaseley Trust was established in Eastbourne in 1946 by Dr Ludwig Guttmann to care for soldiers returning from the Second World War with spinal injuries.

Today, The Chaseley Trust team delivers first-class long and short-term nursing, respite care and rehabilitation to approximately 150 residents with complex disabilities, who, without intervention, face a deterioration in their condition. Residents come from all parts of the UK to stay at their 55-bed home, because of their specialism in caring for people with a brain or spinal cord injury and other neurological disabilities. Their multi-disciplinary approach to care and rehabilitation includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, alongside social and recreational activities ensuring that people have independence and control over their lives. The ethos of the charity remains the same as when first founded 75 years ago, to enable people with disabilities to lead a full and active life in spite of their disabilities.

Chaseley is an independent, charity owned nursing home and their main source of funding comes from residents’ fees, which cover the cost of their care package and contributes to the daily running costs of the home. Various commissioning bodies fund the majority of resident care packages and they have just 5% surplus to fund all their additional costs, including the upkeep of their beautiful building, upgrading their equipment, and to provide the extra social and recreational activities and services that enhance the comfort and well-being of their residents, which is why they rely on donations and fundraising.

For further information on the charity contact: Jodie Cornford, Fundraising Manager Tel: 01323 744200