AN Eastbourne company has won a major new contract.

Internet Service Provider CloudConnX – based in Eastbourne Town Hall – and Internet of Things (IoT) specialists Innovative Creations have been appointed by British start-up Alpha 311 to collaborate on a high-profile energy generation project at the O2 Arena in London.

The O2 is continuing to lead the way with its track record of innovation and sustainability, agreeing with Alpha 311 to become the first venue in the world to trial their ground-breaking wind turbines. Owner and operator AEG is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and exploring new ways to power the planet using its portfolio of global entertainment venues.

Alpha 311, CloudConnX and InnoCreate were introduced by Energy Impact following a webinar run by the University of Brighton.

The collective goal of Alpha 311, CloudConnX and Innovative Creations, is to build a suite of IoT sensors to capture an array of data from energy generation to air quality and other environmental elements, communicating these to the Microsoft Azure Cloud to form part of a Smart Health/Cities initiative.   

With this new installation of 10 kW of wind generation, The O2 could produce up to an estimated 87,600 kWhs a year, around the same amount required to power 23 British homes for a year. While this is overall a small portion of The O2’s energy needs, it’s an exciting new step into the future of local and distributed 100% carbon-free electricity generation.

 CloudConnX Director, Jim Mathieson added:

“Opportunities to work on a project that can both deliver energy and help improve the environment in which we live don’t come along every day. This is a great result for Alpha 311 and The O2, and demonstrates what is possible when organisations with shared values work together. We are delighted to be working with Alpha 311 and Innovative Creations on the O2 project.”

Globally, AEG – the owner and operator of The O2 – is committed to reducing environmental impact across all of their assets and through the industry-leading corporate sustainability programme, AEG 1EARTH, which encourages sharing best practices to forge a more sustainable future. 

CloudConnX is an Internet Service Provider. Based in Eastbourne and with offices in Brighton, the company delivers connectivity, data centre and cloud solutions to a broad base of customers, including commercial and charitable organisations, local and central government agencies, healthcare and blue light services. 

The company has a strong bias towards delivering social value, which is demonstrated through its innovative managed WiFi solutions that provide internet access to over 1 million citizens.