MENTAL health awareness is probably at its highest level ever.

Lockdown has meant a real challenge for so many of us.

Dan Dryman from Eastbourne decided to do something about it.

The result? He has been producing some very special flames.

Dan explains: “Before the lockdown, I was a local photographer, shooting the odd live band here and there, mostly landscapes.

“When the second lockdown was in full swing, I fell back to my original love of graphics and design, producing fractal art.

“I have always been an advocate against suicide prevention, and in 2018 I researched a charity called the National Suicide Prevention Alliance.

“Since then, I have been producing what’s known as ‘flames’ as a way to generate a fair means donation for the NSPA.

“You donate to an extremely valid cause in exchange for a wallpaper for your phone or anything else you may want one for.

“With mental health awareness at possibly its greatest all-time high, I wish to promote this message as far reaching as possible.”

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