PRIMARK has updated shoppers on the rules in its stores, including Eastbourne.

Primark’s website states: “Nothing matters more to us than the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers.

“We are closely following all safety advice from government, treating this guidance as the minimum standard, and will put rigorous health and safety measures in place in all stores ahead of reopening.”

These measures include:

  • A strict social distancing protocol: Limits on the number of customers allowed in store at any one time to allow for the appropriate distance in between customers and employees, following local government guidelines

Clear signage and floor decals, as well as dedicated employees and additional security staff, to guide customers through the store in a way that limits contact with others.

Every second till will be closed to allow more space between customers and employees.

  • Personal protection for employees and customers: Hand sanitiser stations will be made available at the entrance of the store.

Face masks have been made available to all employees.

Perspex screens have been installed on tills to protect customers and employees

  • Increased in-store cleaning: The frequency and rigour of store cleaning has increased, particularly around high frequency touchpoints such as tills, escalators, lifts, and employee areas in back of house.

Are the fitting rooms open?

Since reopening, Primark have temporarily closed their fitting rooms.

In a statement online, the company said: “While we get used to this new normal we have temporarily closed off our fitting rooms.

“We believe this is the right decision at this stage but we are continuously monitoring our re-openings and our health and safety policies and may review our fitting room policy as the situation develops.”

However, customers have 28 days to return an item if they change their mind.

Where in the store are hand sanitisers located?

Customers will be asked to sanitise their hands upon entry into the store.

What has changed to the queuing system at the tills?

Primark’s website added: “We have reconfigured our queuing system at our till points to allow for social distancing.

“We have dedicated employees who are responsible for managing queues at tills.

“In addition, every second till is closed, in order to leave appropriate space between customers and employees. Perspex screens have been installed on open tills to protect customers and employees.”

What are the rules on customers using lifts in stores?

Primark say their lifts are in operation however to maintain social distancing measures only two people will be permitted in the lift at any one time. Exceptions to this would be additional family members.

What are the face mask rules?

Customers are requested to wear face coverings when visiting stores. However, the company haven’t stated whether staff will police the rule.

What is the maximum amount for contactless payments?

Primark are encouraging card payments and contactless when possible to minimise cash interactions. The maximum limit is £45.

Is there be a limited number of people allowed in the store?

Yes, Primark say they are limiting the number of customers into stores at any one time, in line with government guidelines.

They add: “We have dedicated employees who are responsible for managing queues at tills, our store entrances, and also monitoring the sales floor to ensure social distancing measures are being followed.”

Are toilets open for customers?

Primark state they have made the decision to temporarily close customer toilets until further notice.

Are Primark’s Beauty Studios open?

The retailer said: “We are happy to announce that a number of our Beauty Studios in the UK are now open.

“We have worked with our beauty partners to introduce a range of safety measures to help ensure your safety and well-being while receiving beauty treatments.

“These include additional space between nail tables to help allow customers to social distance; our therapists will be wearing gloves and face masks during all treatments; we have installed Perspex screens at nail stations; and we have also increased the frequency of cleaning in our beauty studios, including sanitising each station after every treatment.

“Please note that customers must wear a face mask while receiving beauty treatments.”

Are cafés in Primark stores open?

The company added: “We are happy to announce that a number of our cafés in the UK are now open.

“We are working closely with our service providers who have put rigorous health and safety measures in place in our cafés in our stores.

“We are closely following all safety advice from the government and industry bodies and treating these as the minimum standards in our stores.”