A £419,000 project over the last six months to make the Redoubt area of Eastbourne a safer place to live and work has been successfully completed. 

Secure Redoubt was funded by the Home Office’s Safer Streets programme to help reduce thefts, burglaries, robberies, shoplifting and vehicle crime in the Redoubt part of Eastbourne after police figures showed a high number of these types of offences there. 

It was a partnership of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Eastbourne Borough Council, Sussex Police, the Business Crime Reduction Partnership and 3VA. 

Secure Redoubt achievements include: 

  • Free security improvements such as door bolts, window locks and security lights fitted at more than 100 homes by local locksmiths
  • Delivery of free security packs containing products such as timers for light switches and alarms to 233 homes
  • Clean-ups of 40 alleyways and installation of lockable alley gates to prevent access by non-residents 
  • Enhancing and opening up the Pavilion Gardens to make it a safer place to visit, and installation of outdoor gym equipment
  • Installing of a new CCTV network
  • Launching HotelWatch to connect hotels and offer seminars and advice to members 
  • Connecting 51 businesses with Eastbourne Crime Group 

Councillor Rebecca Whippy, Cabinet Member for Disabilities and Community Safety at Eastbourne Borough Council, said: “Secure Redoubt has accomplished so much in a short time and I’m delighted that more than 130 local people engaged with the project to give their views about improvements they wanted to make their homes and neighbourhood safer. 

“Their feedback was invaluable in informing the steps taken by Secure Redoubt to ensure this area is now a cleaner, safer place to live and work.” 

Councillor Stephen Holt, Deputy Leader and Devonshire ward councillor at Eastbourne Borough Council, said: “The Redoubt part of Devonshire ward has a rich heritage and it is great to see how this project has not only made residents and businesses feel more secure, but also boosted their pride in the area. 

“With strict geographical limitations on where and how the government money could be spent, one of Secure Redoubt’s big successes is the work carried out to open up the Pavilion Gardens through relandscaping and widening entrances to make it a more attractive, safer place to visit.” 

Inspector Rachel Barrow, of Eastbourne Neighbourhood Police, said: “Lots has been achieved, but let’s be clear, it cannot and will not stop here. Sussex Police seeks to find a healthy balance between the hands off and hands on approach, allowing local communities to take ownership and flourish as a safer place, whilst also providing the back up and support where and when it is most needed.” 

Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Having been awarded the Safer Streets funding by the Home Office, I am delighted to see so many improvements achieved in the Redoubt area of Eastbourne. Helping communities to feel safer is a key part of my role and this Safer Streets work has really made a difference to the area in terms of personal safety and improved security for local businesses.”

For more information visit secureredoubt.co.uk