SO Eastbourne Tennis Week has been downgraded!

This is so unfair on our great town – 50 years of wonderful tennis, and the world’s top players coming to town.

They won’t be coming any more, sadly… and locals are unhappy – quite right too.

Peter Smith posted online: “It has been confirmed that Queens Club will stage a women’s tournament in 2025 pre-Wimbledon and Eastbourne will be downgraded. It is being touted as a significant boost to the game.. what an insult.”

Louise Gregory Cullen called it a ‘huge loss to Eastbourne £££.’

Rachel Marie Thumwood said: “Wow this will cripple the town!”

Anthony Venner “What a shame and huge loss to the town.”

Many people around the world watched Eastbourne on the TV and Eastbourne thrived on the exposure.

Eastbourne for so long has managed to keep its head above water while the other seaside towns have wasted away.

Airbourne will be the next to go.”

Anthony Patterson: “This is such a shame a big kick in the teeth to Eastbourne.”