In an age when so many thriller writers and TV series such as Midsummer Murders get police procedures hopelessly wrong, local author Tony Flood has gone to great lengths to ensure they are right in his books.
His latest crime thriller FALL GUY – WHO REALLY KILLED HIS WIFE? received excellent reviews and endorsements, including one from best-selling writer Peter James, but opinion was divided among former officers about one of the police procedures.
So Tony, who lives in Eastbourne after spending most of his working life in South London and Middlesex, has kept faith with his fans by bringing out a second version of Fall Guy in which he has added a startling new piece of evidence.
Fellow author and former police officer John Newton says: “Tony Flood is No. 1 when it comes to writing authentic thrillers. He has gone the extra mile in ensuring that police procedures are followed even though an innocent man is convicted.”
Tony, a former journalist and Sky Television executive, explains: “My main character in Fall Guy, George Thornhill, had returned home from work early to find his wife Isabella lying on the lounge floor in the kimono he gave her for her birthday – dying from a stab wound. His desperate attempts to save her resulted in him being covered in blood and leaving his fingerprints on the knife. Worse still, Isabella had been seen alive and well 30 minutes before he arrived – and there’s no evidence of anyone else being at the crime scene.
“But while one former senior police officer told me that in real life these facts would be enough to charge and convict the husband, other former officers claimed they would not.
“So I’ve now driven a further nail into poor George’s coffin in an amended version of Fall Guy by having him confronted by the last person on earth he would choose.
“He is about to telephone the police when the phone rings. It’s his mother-in-law. In a fraught conversation, the distraught husband blurts out that her daughter has been stabbed, and when she twice asks if he did it, George’s only answer is to yell ‘Phone the police’.
“This provides further cause to charge and convict him on the basis that he twice failed to deny killing his wife when given the opportunity to do so.”
While George is banged up in prison, his sister Myra persuades compassionate cop DCI Livermore – just back from sick leave – to reopen the case, and a host of new suspects emerge.
Tony points out that free previews of Fall Guy and his other two thrillers, Triple Tease and Stitch Up – killer or victim?, are available on All three have received endorsements from best-selling authors and have benefited from excellent formatting and cover designs by James Harvey and Emmy Ellis respectively.
Tony was editor of ‘Football Monthly’, Controller of Information at Sky Television and enjoyed a spell with ‘The People’ before retiring as a journalist in 2010 after moving to Eastbourne following spells in Bromley, Woolwich and Twickenham.
He has written in several genres, including celebrity book ‘My Life With The Stars – Sizzling Secrets Spilled!’
Tony recalls: “My work as a showbiz and leisure writer, critic and editor saw me take on a variety of challenges – learning to dance with Strictly Come Dancing star Erin Boag, becoming a stand-up comedian, playing football with George Best and Bobby Moore in charity matches and writing about Elvis Presley, Kylie Minogue, Jimmy Carr, Eric Morecambe, Des O’Connor and a host of other stars.”
He now spends much of his time writing books and theatre reviews as well as playing veterans’ football.
The versatile Mr Flood has written fantasy adventure stories as well, with his Secret Potion being recommended for those readers pining for more magic post-Harry Potter. It tells how 10-year-old Jody Richards’ quest to find her missing brother takes her to a magical land where he has been kidnapped by an evil wizard. Tony has conjured up all the goblins, pixies and poisonous spiders you could want, and possibly the world’s worst monster.
Tony and his wife Heather, best known for her Mousey Mousey and the Witches children’s series, have co-written Laughs and Tears Galore – Stories and Poems with Twists!
He has now become part of a collective of seven local writers who will soon be bringing out family saga Driven by Desire, a drama set in Italy in the 1920s.