EASTBOURNE Silver Band were performing at Eastbourne Bandstand yesterday afternoon (Easter Sunday).

But people were not happy.

First, Bournefree received this message:

Christine Shepherd

“It’s a shame no mentionyou would need to bring your own seat! Only one row provided. Went home very disappointed!”

The Friends of Eastbourne Seafront asked: “Where were the seats?

First event of the season and lots of people milling around.

The Bandstand however did very little to advertise this event. No posters on the seafront. The seafront office has been closed most of the week due to staff shortages and only open again this afternoon.

The main complaint is that there were hardly any chairs put out, we were told it’s a free event and the person in the office didn’t have access to any more chairs. People were so dissapointed at not bringing able to sit and listen to the band.

What an insult to the talented musicians who had given their time to entertain.

Is this the way events are going to be run from now on?”