Will you consider swapping the plastic in your bathroom for something more sustainable?

Karine Morrison decided to do just that.

And now she’s the owner of Ecohavenstore, an ethical plastic free company that specialises in bathroom and beauty products.

As a devout sea swimmer, Karine likes diving in most mornings whatever the weather.

She was inspired to make a career change and dedicate herself to a plastic free cause several years ago when she found herself literally swimming in a sea of plastic.

She spent a lot of time researching the problem and discovered that only 10% of plastic is recycled.

She immediately looked at ways she could upgrade her own lifestyle and make plastic free changes. It became obvious that that was harder than it should be and so EcohavenStore was founded.

Karine started with bamboo toothbrushes. It’s an easy swap, bamboo is fast growing, anti bacterial, biodegradable and compostable.

With customers all over the UK, her best seller right now is the Bamboo Electric toothbrush. It comes with 3 replacement heads, has 5 settings, up to 37000 vibrations/minute with a charge for up to 5/6 weeks.

Karine is also a director at Plastic Free Eastbourne which campaigns for greater sustainability in our town. Their recent event in May, the Spring Water Festival, drew several thousand visitor and hosted 94 beach cleans.

Why you should think about swapping your toothbrush:

– Pollutes our oceans

– Over a billion brushes are thrown away every year

– Takes over 500 years to decompose

– Biograde into microplastic which eventually makes its way into our body through water or food.

One simple change can make a BIG impact on our planet.

You can order products at www.ecohavenstore.com

facebook @ecohavenstore

plasticfreeeastbourne.co.uk is working towards a carbon neutral town for 2030