WELCOME to the July edition of Bournefree magazine, and once again we hope you enjoy reading it. (Bournefree Magazine)

It is our pleasure and privilege to work with so many different businesses, groups and organisations.

One of my greatest pleasures was to visit the Eastbourne RNLI station with young Oliver, 12, and his mum Anna.

Oliver’s amazing drawings of boats were turned into postcards by Bournefree, and Oliver handed over an incredible £901.24 to this amazing lifesaving charity.

We have printed more packs – order them via pete@bournefreemag.co.uk

Oliver is simply incredible – and thanks to the readers who have bought packs. It is greatly appreciated.

This month, I want to place particular emphasis on our growing website, both from a news and advertising viewpoint.

Our website bournefreelive.co.uk is updated daily – indeed there are 10 new stories on each day, and that is weekends too.

We break news and we tell news, as well as focusing on the very best in Eastbourne, Hailsham and the surrounding area.

Our website figures are growing, and that’s what we want, because we also want to see more advertising on the site.

If you are a regular online reader of Bournefree, thank you.

If you are not, please give us a try at bournefreelive.co.uk

There are always four new articles on by 9am each day, and then more as the 24 hours unfolds.

Our Bournefree Facebook is also a great place for local debate – and most of it is good fun.

The content of our magazine is also of paramount importance to us, and it’s great to focus on so many different subjects, whether it’s food and drink, theatres, shopping or health and beauty.

Thanks also to all the outlets where you can pick up your Bournefree. We added The Hydro Hotel to the list this month.

As ever, contact us and be part of the Bournefree success story. Thanks once again.

Peter Lindsey

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