Aleaze Talbott from Hellingly is organizing a fundraiser so her daughter can remain in school.

The family needs some kind of UV sun canopy and they’ve had several quotes of £10,000 to make her play area UV safe.

Please read this emotional story from Aleaze:

“My 4-year-old daughter Ellen has been under Great Ormond Street since the age of 18 months.

She has numerous health issues including a high platelet count – meaning her blood is too thick and is at risk daily of a stroke or heart attack.
She also has a very low immune system, so much so she has been taking azithromycin for the past 3 years …5ml a day for 3 days then 10 days off then 3 days on.

We as a family shielded for an entire year to keep her safe. It was tough but the right thing to do.
Since starting school her immune system has taken a battering even though we managed to get her in a small village school with only 16 other children.
Because of her immune system and being around other children, her condition has worsened to the point where her body feels like everything is an attack and she has now become allergic to sunlight.

You might ask why is she in school?

She loves school and loves her friends….
We want her to have a normal childhood.
With the money the school can install a large sun canopy that will allow her to join her friends at break and lunchtime. 
Any questions please email me x”

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