Emergency services have received a special thank you from an Eastbourne care home.

Residents at Mortain Place care home opposite ASDA made individual thank you cards for their local emergency service staff.

The cards were delivered to Green Watch at Eastbourne fire station and the ambulance crews at Polegate.

Bags containing hand-made thank you cards were delivered to the service staff with personal messages inside as well as heart-shaped shortbread biscuits made by the chef at Mortain Place.

General manager, Karen Howell, said: “We wanted to give the residents the opportunity to express their thanks to our emergency services and for them to know how important they are to us here at Mortain Place care home.

“It was so nice to see the residents excited about making the individual thank you cards, and for them to be able to show their gratitude in some small way.”

The cards were very much appreciated by the recipients, particularly Paul Henty, the watch manager at Green Watch in Eastbourne. The fire station is keeping the cards on display as a reminder that people are thankful for the hard work they are doing for their community.