We want you to enjoy getting out and about safely this Easter weekend, says Wealden District Council.

They just ask that you “Respect, Protect and Enjoy” our countryside and coastal areas as you do.

Respect – our local communities by parking considerately, or travelling by foot or bike. If your destination is busy, please move on to elsewhere.

Protect – our wildlife and environment by taking your litter home with you. Protect yourself and others by staying socially distanced.

Enjoy – safely. Choose lesser known areas and places to enjoy that are less likely to be busy.

Find out more about keeping Wealden and the rest of East Sussex litter free.

Cliff edges and high tide

Visitors to the coast are reminded that the chalk cliffs are unstable, with many unseen overhangs and cracks. Despite regular monitoring, the vast majority of chalk falls happen with no warning. Over the last year there have been nearly 50 cliff falls in East Sussex.

Please stay safe and stay away from the edge.People visiting for beach walks are also urged to be aware of the tide times as it is possible get cut off by the incoming tide or be forced to walk too close to the base of the cliffs.

Visitors taking a coastal walk should wear study footwear and clothing appropriate for the weather, and let people know where they are going and when they expect to return.In the past 12 months there have been 13 incidents of people being stranded on the beach after being cut off by the tide.

Visitors can check the tide times at www.tidetimes.org.ukIf you see anyone in danger or witness someone who has fallen, call 999 immediately and ask for the Coastguard and do not attempt to rescue them.