THE boss of Eastbourne superstore ESK says his staff will always take the safety of customers as a priority.

Bob Beevis was speaking after one of his customers posted online about the shop in Courtlands Road.

Trevor Perks posted on a facebook group: “ESK staff now breaking the DDA legislation in relation to mask wearing. Verbal challenges to non mask wearers.

“Backed down when told I’m exempt, but not everyone is as capable as me of not being intimidated into wearing one.

“So just a heads up to anyone else who is exempt.Just make sure to tell them you are exempt and try not to feel bullied into abandoning your exemption.”

Mr Beevis said safety of everyone concerned is paramount.

He said: “We have taken the issue of Covid 19 very seriously from the day we closed back in spring when Lockdown occurred.

“We reopened in a very sensible and cautious manner, and we continue to be both sensible and cautious.

“We are always disappointed when a customer feels disappointed about ESK, but we want to assure Mr Perks that the health of our customers and indeed staff is always a priority.”

More than 60 people have already commented on the Bournefree Facebook page about this incident.

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