Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Caroline Ansell has signed a bill amendment asking the Government to make solar panels mandatory on new homes.

Caroline is already working with stakeholders across Eastbourne to house solar panels on rooftops to help keep energy costs down and give the country better energy security.

However, she is also working in parliament to ensure solar is a critical part of the UK’s energy mix.

The amendment to the Levelling up and Regeneration Bill has been tabled by her colleague John Stevenson. It calls for rooftop solar on new builds in England from April 2025.

Solar costs have fallen by 50% in the last seven years and I believe it is now the right time to ensure developers put this technology on all new homes,” said Caroline.

“This is a win for homeowners and the planet. Installing solar is green and it will cut energy costs for people when gas and electricity prices are high and will remain so for some time.

“It is also an investment in jobs and skills for the country. We have a shortage of trained engineers in this sector. Having more solar will stimulate the industry and drive innovation and rollout.

“My hope is the government will see the amendment has merit and support it.”

So far, 28 MPs have signed the amendment.

Solar projects are estimated to be around four times cheaper than natural gas.