EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell says we should expect a cautious approach from the PM on Monday.

That’s when he will unveil his long-awaited roadmap out of Lockdown.

Caroline said today: “The Prime Minister’s Road Map out of lockdown and the pandemic is due to be unveiled next week and I think it will be a cautious agenda.

I understand many want an end to restrictions and a return to normal life but unless we can get infections right down, this will happen only briefly before we might be forced to lockdown again.

No-one wants this and now we have vaccines it shouldn’t have to happen. However, we must be sure the jabs stop serious illness and, even better, transmission. The initial findings on this seem good with big drops in infections rates of those top four priority groups that have received the jab.  We must be cautious and, with new variants around, it is important we are certain.

The most important thing is for schools to reopen and it appears 8th March is going to be the date. I have spoken to ministers to push for all schools to be first out of lockdown. It may be that secondary schools have a phased return to ensure Covid testing arrangements are in place but primary schools should be able to open fully without delay.

Just how successful the UK has been with its vaccination programme was seen by me first hand when I visited the Sovereign Centre last week.  The wonderful news that 20,000 people have been given the vaccine at just this one Eastbourne location shows just how efficient the programme is.  It was moving to see people coming forward and welcomed by the team there. I would like to thank everyone who has played their part across the town.  It is a game changer.”

Please keep safe and to the rules. Those rules are saving lives.