THERE is now extra police presence in the area after anti-social behaviour at Pevensey Castle.

Here’s Eastbourne Police: “Additional foot patrols continue to take place day and night within the grounds and location of Pevensey Castle in response to the increase of reports of anti-social behaviour within the area.

Last week damage was caused to windows after youths were seen climbing the exterior walls of the building, and this week we have continued to receive reports of youth related ASB in the area.

Anti-social behaviour and criminal damage around these types of sites constitutes as heritage crime, and is defined as ‘any offence which harms the value of England’s heritage assets and their settings to this and future generations’.

That can include offences like lead theft from churches, damage to ancient monuments and illegal metal detecting.

We take reports of heritage crime seriously and would encourage members of the public to report any suspicious activities, or ASB in and around local sites on the district.101/online if something has already happened, or to update reports.999 if a crime is in action, there is threat/harm to life or property.”