THE council has finally acted!

The family living in an ‘abandoned home’ at Shinewater are to be moved out after we offered to help.

We played the video earlier in the week of the shambolic accommodation the family was being forced to live in.

It can be seen again here Eastbourne MP offers help to family living in ‘abandoned council house’ – Bournefree Live – Latest news from Eastbourne, Polegate, Hailsham, Pevensey, Bexhill and Sussex.

Today Eastbourne Borough Council has said: “We are arranging to move the family out of the property as soon as possible to allow for extensive repairs to take place that will deliver a permanent solution to the damp problem.

While the various Covid-19 lockdowns have delayed all inspection work and subsequent repairs undertaken by our contractor, the conditions are clearly unacceptable.

Accordingly, a full review of the history of work at this property is being carried out.

An immediate mould wash to the affected areas was completed on the 26 January and all relocation costs will be covered by the council.”