THIS is shocking – a family has been burgled over the festive period.

Sophie Murray says she is ‘utterly hearbroken’ after the burglary in Goldring Avenue, Hellingly.

She said: “They have taken a LOT of stuff.

Some easily identifiable, some generic electrical items and devices. Unfortunately, our camera and doorbell got deactivated during the burglary, and the neighbours’ cameras haven’t picked anything up either.

I’m guessing they will try and offload most of it quickly, so if anyone is offered a shocking amount of ipads (x3), gaming computers (x3) monitor, wireless logitech mouse x 2, PlayStation 5 and games, PlayStation 4 and games, PlayStation 3 and games, Nintendo switch with 4 extra controllers and games, VR headsets (oculus and PS5 x2) apple watches, airpods, earbuds, GoPro, 2 fully stacked pandora bracelets, nikon DLSR and several lenses, large speaker, kate spade smart watch, hoverboard, snowboarding gear, jewellery, wireless headsets, mountain bike gear including gloves and new handlebars etc, Google home x3, bags (even my sons school bag!) and purse or random and obviously new Christmas presents, please give me a heads up.

They took our sharpest kitchen knives too! Oh and emptied my sons fridge of rubicon (13cans?!)

Mostly, i’m just keen to have my jewellery back as it’s of huge sentimental value. Fingerprint jewellery of my 4 children, my Nan’s Victorian ring and a diamond eternity ring my husband gave me when out daughter was born. Utterly heartbroken. Merry bloody Christmas.”