East Sussex WRAS was called yesterday (Sunday) to a collapsed fox in Hazelwood Avenue, Eastbourne between Croxden Way and Woburn Way,

Sadly she was a lactating female and passed away as she arrived back to the casualty centre.

Here’s an appeal from the WRAS: “This means it is likely there are now orphaned cubs out there somewhere locally.

Can residents please keep their eyes and ears open.

Depending on the age of the cubs they may not come above ground unless they are hungry, if she fed them last night, it could be 24 hours before they start to wander out of the den.

If older they may already be starting to venture outside and playing close to the den, but again we have to be careful: we don’t jump to conclusions and remove another vixen’s cubs.

We can only bring the cubs in based on their behaviour and if they are showing signs that they have been abandoned.

Previous incidents have shown that information from local residents is the best way to locate any that are out thereI.

If you hear anything that you are concerned about or if you do find any cubs, please call us straight away.”

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service: Call 01825 873003 or visit www.wildlifeambulance.org.

Pictured: Trevor Weeks from the group.