You may have walked past Old Town Barbers’ attractive Victorian frontage, many times, without realising the grizzly secret that lurks behind the seemingly innocent façade.

Maza Belicova, an experienced and successful barber, is responsible for keeping the chaps of Eastbourne, young and old, looking smart and smooth.

Maza’s business partner, Derek Lee made very good use of his time in the first lockdown. He was very taken by the recent increase in popularity of Escape rooms, and loving a puzzle himself he knew he could create his own immersive world for the enjoyment of other fans.

His engineering background meant he was well placed to design and create the puzzle and games needed to entertain a group for 60 minutes.

It was also obvious to Derek and Maza that they should theme it around Sweeney Todd, since it was behind their Barber Shop.

You can find the truly gruesome Escape Rooms on the Goffs in Old Town,

An escape room is an immersive, 60-minute, real-life adventure game. If you enjoy shows such as the Crystal Maze and the Adventure Game (One for the older generation), you’ll love getting your brain a twist at the Escape Rooms in Old Town, Eastbourne

It would spoil the experience to describe any of the games, but there is more than enough to keep a group of friends engrossed for the hour that they have to ESCAPE. It’s recommended for any age from 13 years and up.

01323 335045

35 The Goffs,

Eastbourne, BN21 1HF