Fishermen’s Green ‘will not be built on.’

That is the pledge today from Eastbourne Borough Council.

It is listed on the Local Plan as a potential site for development, and a petition has been launched.

Here is councillor Stephen Holt: “To be clear, there are absolutely no plans to sell Fisherman’s Green and there are no proposals to build housing there.

The national government set housing targets for each authority to build or provide land for future development. As part of the formation of a local plan (which we are undertaking) we have to identify any site that ‘could’ be used. If we do not, the Government could take over our planning powers which means we won’t get to decide in the future.

As a result, land was identified that ‘could’ in theory be developed.

However, we have objected – and both Margaret Bannister and myself personally stated that areas such as Fisherman’s Green and Pevensey Levels could not be developed and did so at a recent Cabinet meeting.

We asked people to write to share their own objections, to demonstrate to national Govt that although sites might be theoretically possible, they are not suitable.

Fisherman’s Green should be a leisure site for the long term – and we have secured investment from the Lawn Tennis Association to improve those facilities.”

Picture: Fiona Mullen