One of FOUNDRY’s missions is to undo some of the damage caused by the pandemic. “We know the lines have been blurred between work and life,” explained co-founder Adam Walker. “We need to stop, take a breath and re-set our outlook on what we do and how we do it.”

A key ingredient of FOUNDRY will be a focus on health and wellbeing, delivered by Eastbourne-based professionals.

One of the first to sign-up is Digital First/Victoria Medical Centre. Working together in a joint venture, they have taken a large unit on the first floor and will soon be unveiling a number of exciting healthcare services including social prescribing – a non-medical support especially suited to those who are anxious and need practical solutions to everyday problems.

“We live in a highly-pressurised environment, with deadlines, urgent tasks and important meetings taking a toll on all of us,” explained CEO Nigel Grinstead. “We will be talking to people about caring for themselves, connecting with the people around them, and having conversations to explain how we feel and if we need a bit of support.”

Nigel said that the health and well-being centre would sit at the heart of the community in Eastbourne, where people could come in and talk about their feelings and problems. “We can hep signpost them to the appropriate health and well-being support and ensure they get the care that they need,” Nigel explained.

Another early arrival at FOUNDRY is Crystallis, founded by Emily Gregory. Emily says that crystals help balance out emotions in your body. “Crystals are beautiful on the outside, but possess their own light and vibrational frequency,” she said. “They also generate energy. The more I have them around, the more the energy changes in the room.”

All crystals are unique and Emily stocks everything from small pieces up to larger ones at £2,500. You can see the range of stones on her website or on Instagram – @crystallisuk.

Rosamund Graham works in London and pre-Covid was on an early morning train most days. She converted to working from home during lockdown, but found this a little distracting.

“There are too many distractions for me at home and this can sometimes impact on your concentration,” Rosamund explained. “I was keen to find a workspace and started looking in Brighton. Then I saw the FOUNDRY offer and knew that this was the right place for me.”