EASTBOURNE’S Tory MP Caroline Ansell may be against the closure of the Walk In Centre at the railway station.

But today the last chance to save it has gone after one of Caroline’s colleagues backed the closure.

Colin Belsey is a former Mayor of Eastbourne and a Tory councillor.

He is also chairman of the East Sussex Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC).

Today HOSC could have called in an NHS decision to close the Eastbourne Station Health Centre.

In effect, that means the government would have its say on the possible closure.

But Colin as chairman ensured this would NOT happen and so the centre will close.

Colin said: “It is so easy to knock things that have only just been set up and running.

“I think we have asked for enough assurances from the [CCG governing] board and others.”

He did add that alternative plans would need to be fully in place before the closure next summer.