A COUPLE have issued a warning to anyone trying to sell their car privately in Eastbourne.

Ella Murche has described a shocking experience for herself and her husband in Willingdon.

She said: “A warning to anybody privately selling a car.

“We had our car advertised in Auto Trader.

“On Saturday 4 young guys turned up, distracted my partner and sprayed brake fluid into the exhaust and old (black) oil into the water.

“They tried to convince my partner the engine was knackered and offered £700 for a £6000 car.

“They put a lot of pressure on my partner to sell the car.

“Luckily my partner had checked over the car before they came and realised what they were up to and he is not easily intimidated.

“We are not sure if they have done anything else, so we are having the car picked up on a trailer to be checked by our local garage.

“They turned up in a maroon Mercedes. Be warned! Do not leave them alone around the car.”