A WOMAN has posted this afternoon about how a fox ‘tried to get a boy, aged 2’ in what she calls a ‘frightening experience,’

She has posted about what happened on the Pevensey Bay and Beachlands Community page.

The woman says her friend went to the park by the allotments with her two sons, one a teenager and one aged just two.

She said: “When they entered the park a large fox was lying on the grass, it saw them but didn’t run away.

“The children were running around by the slide and as the younger one ran to some other equipment, the fox chased him.

“The mum gave chase and scared the fox away.

“The fox went over to the grass again then came back and tried to get the younger boy again.

“Luckily his older brother held him up and they left the park straight away.

“A very frightening experience for all of them.

“So please be aware of the fox.”

Stock picture of a fox