A new free outdoor cinema is coming to Princes Park.

Of course, it’s the brainchild of Perch Princes Park cafe and restaurant.

They’re not charging neither – you are encouraged to make a donation to chosen charities.

Here’s their post: “We found a company in Germany that makes a massive inflatable screen; we imported that, we got a supper laser projector and PA system.

All of a sudden, we were the proud owners of an outdoor cinema. Rather than pay for a ticket, we ask everyone to donate to a local charity or organisation.

We are delighted that we get to work with ten or so local groups every year; we try and pick films with the organisation, then get volunteers to shake buckets and empty the audience’s pockets.

People are amazingly generous. At times it’s a bit hairy; we run it – it’s not a night at the odeon; it’s got a community feel about it, we want it to be free, and we want you to love it and support it.

But we need the weather, and just like any projector, we need it basically to be dark to run it, so our showtimes are a bit late.

We’ve shown a blend of family favourites (Greatest Showman, Four Weddings and a Funeral etc) and a selection of things that we think are cool (A star is Born, Death of Stalin).

This year, we will be as ambitious as we dare and try for a night at the end of August. It’ll be a family-friendly film (we have to wait to get confirmation from the film studio that we can run it before telling anyone).

We also need the council to come on board and probably a few volunteers to help pop the screen up and shake buckets—more details to follow.

But the essence is this – free outdoor cinema in the park to help raise funds for a brilliant local charity. It’s a fantastic collective experience, and we can’t wait to bring it to Eastbourne.”