FREE weekly videos and activities for early years and primary children are available thanks to a Polegate mum.

The aim is to help parents home schooling in lockdown.

First aid is such an essential life skill and hopefully this will help parents who want to engage their children in something at home.

The videos and advisors are posted each Monday throughout lockdown with further early years resources in between.

Optional low cost zoom classes will also be running for those who would like to learn more.

It’s all the idea of Jen Fisher, of Mini First Aid East Sussex.

These are the subjects:

What to do in an emergency and who can help us.

What to do if you find someone unconscious, checking if the person is unconscious and breathing.

The recovery position.

Dealing with minor and severe bleeding.

Burns and how to treat them.

They will also be running an early years and kids zoom class so that your child can learn additional first aid techniques live and interactive.

Go to Mini First Aid East Sussex