Friends of Eastbourne Seafront are pleased that at last the current administration are paying attention to the seafront, due to the campaigning of our group and feeling of public opinion.

We expected to see some action in this election year, the seafront having been ignored for many years.

Some good news stories about toilets reopening, Bandstand and Redoubt repaired and reopened, and much more will be excellent for campaign newsletters.We are happy to work with anyone who wants to see positive change.

Hopefully this is not just lip service or electioneering and positive changes will be made.

We can save Helen Burton time if she wants to consult with us as we’ve spoken to thousands of residents, visitors and businesses in recent months and as a result of this consultation have a vision for the seafront. Hollywell to the Harbour .We have, at the request of senior officers submitted this for the Levelling up fund2 bid and just this week submitted our Bandstand and seafront survey consultation results on behalf of the Council.

Friends of Eastbourne Seafront and Save Eastbourne Bandstand are strictly non political – we have no political alliance. Unfortunately Cllr Burton has taken your statement as proof we have politcally allied ourselves with the Tories and has posted:

I knew that my appointment would be attacked by the local Tories, but what’s interesting is the seafront campaigners have finally ‘come out’ as the political group I’ve always said they are, issuing joint statements with the Tories. If you’re a true campaign group you don’t have private Facebook groups, ban peoples posts if they don’t fit your narrative and you don’t set up a Ltd Company which will never be able to attract grant funding. It’s simply not allowed. The only reason they haven’t set up a community interest company is that they would not be able to campaign politically and that, sadly, seems to be the real aim of the organisers. The ‘seafront Tories’ only ever highlight what hasn’t been done and never what HAS been done, and it’s a lot! There will always be more to do and I’m looking forward to working with any resident led groups that genuinely care about our heritage. Despite the Conservatives best efforts, I’m calling time on their games right now.