Coming out of lockdown is a very different experience for everyone.

For some, there has been minimal impact, for others it may have affected your mental or physical health, relationships, finance or career.

Try these FEEL GOOD tips to get your MOJO back!

For five minutes…only do things that make you feel good…then build it up to one hour or perhaps half a day!

How good will you feel after that?

This practise gives you gentle reminders that you can have fun and enjoyment.

Each day, write down between five and ten simple things that you are grateful for.

It brings your attention to focus on the positive instead of worries you may have.

During the summer months, make the most of nature. Look out for the natural bright colours in your garden or on a walk or at the beach.

Practicing self care in small bursts will have a positive effect on your physical and mental health.

Jane Long is a Wellbeing Practitioner based in Eastbourne.

07734 695965