A POLEGATE gym has been fined £1000 for breaking Covid rules.

Full Range Fitness: Personal Training & Group Training is on the Chaucer Business Estate on Dittons Road.

It received six police visits and also ‘correspondence’ with East Sussex County Council Trading Standards.

But it says they were never told to stop and were told they were okay to ‘continue.’

Here’s the statement from the gym: “We have completely out of the blue been issued with a £1000 fine.

We feel very let down and disappointed with the actions taken and disregard for policies from Sussex Police and East Sussex Trading Standards.

I reached out to ESTS at every opportunity in order to ensure we were playing by the rules – and to the best of our knowledge we were following the guidance.

Every visit from the Police has ended with a polite conversation and an OK to continue.

At no point have we verbally or written been told to change, adapt, or stop.

My last letter to Andrew Ratcliffe at Sussex Police was sent and read without any follow-up on 23rd February.

We have received no warning, no engagement, no explanation or encouragement from either Sussex Police or ESTS.

It appears they have elected to pursue only with enforcement from a video captured of us delivering 121 outdoors under the Marquee on 23rd February.

The officers recorded the members and staff WITHOUT informing them of a camera rolling.

Body camera is an overt recording device, not covert.

This has then been used “as evidence”.

We were led to believe at every occasion that we were not in breach of any guidance.

We wish to work closely with ESTS to ensure we are following the guidance going forwards, as we have always done up to this point.

Unfortunately the officer was unwilling to provide any action steps that we must take to do so.

All of this could have been avoided with a simple phone call from either ESTS *or* Sussex Police.

If anyone is able to help us to appeal this fine, please reach out.”

We have asked Sussex Police for a comment.