THE Covid 19 rate in Hailsham has shot up by a whopping 300 per cent.

Wealden, in particular, has seen its new case numbers more than double despite more than two weeks of national lockdown.

In the seven days prior to November 16, it recorded an infection rate of 163.5 (264), up from 74.9 (121) the previous week.

This represents a steady increase in the number of infections, with 2,266 positive tests being recorded in the past week.

That is an increase of 440 more cases than the 7 days leading up to November 9.

Hailsham has seen around 27 new cases in a small part of the town.

Darrell Gale, director of public health in East Sussex, was highlighting the issue on the BBC this morning talking about Hailsham.

He stressed the 300 per cent jump was partly because of the low figures overall for the area.