A special Halloween Book Signing will be held in Haberdasher’s Kitchen coffee shop, on the first floor of Closs & Hamblin at 82-86 Terminus Road, Eastbourne, on Wednesday, October 27th, from 12.45 to 2.15pm.
Authors Heather and Tony Flood will be at this popular eatery to offer signed copies of books for both children and adults from reduced prices of just £5.
Heather, pictured here as a witch to mark Halloween, will be offering her children’s series of Mousey Mousey books as well as Giant Sticker Monster and Other Children’s Stories and Purple Mist – An Out-of-this-world Adventure! which is for both children and adults.
Tony’s books at reduced prices include fantasy adventure Secret Potion, crime thrillers Triple Tease and Stitch Up! – Killer or Victim? and celebrity book My Life With The Stars – Sizzling Secrets Spilled!, featuring a host of showbiz and sports stars.
The C&H fabrics store is situated opposite the Beacon (former Arndale) Shopping Centre.